BJJ Guide – Where To Start For Beginners

This is our BJJ guide for beginners and if you are curious about starting martial arts and want to know how to go about it then you have come to the right place. Today I will talk you through all of the questions beginners have. If you would like to find out about how long it takes to get each belt then click here. Otherwise, carry on reading.

What’s The Difference Between Gi or No-Gi

Firstly we will start this BJJ guide with what the difference between Gi or No-Gi is and the main one is what you wear.
Hayabusa Gi

This is a Gi. It’s similar to a Judo Kimono but it’s thicker and heavier. It also normally comes with more patches than it’s Judo counterpart. This is what you will wear when you train Gi. The pants, jacket, belt and a rashguard if you want. In No-Gi you will just be in a rashguard and shorts. Don’t worry about wearing any type of support though. Pretty much everyone who trains has some small injuries and you will find a lot of people wear joint supports and tape around there fingers and hands.

Make sure you don’t show up to your first class in a t-shirt. As your top will be loose someone might catch a finger in it and may injuring their hand. Also, don’t wear or shorts with zips or pockets. These can be dangerous for anyone that you are training with as if the zip catches them it may end up cutting them.

Also don’t be that guy who’s too good for a gum shield. Everyone wears them for a reason and if you have to start with a boil and bite then so be it but I’d recommend investing in a proper one which you can get from your dentist. Just because there are no punches being thrown in BJJ doesn’t mean you won’t catch an accidental knee to the face one day. So get a gumshield.

What’s Better

Now we have got that out the way, time to discuss what’s better. And the answer is it’s completely up to you. I started off training No-Gi, it’s easier to get into, cheaper as you don’t need to splash out on an expensive Gi and feels more natural for most people and a Gi can be restricting. I eventually moved onto Gi and I’ve been training it ever since. The Gi allows you to perform more moves. You can grab onto it and even use it to tap your opponent.

I personally think it’s better to train mostly Gi and do some No-Gi on the side. If you try to do it the other way around then you may start to get caught out by moves you have never seen before but like I said its completely up to you. And it depends entirely on your training. If you want to have some MMA fights then No-Gi may be better for you.

Why Are There Different Gi’s

There are hundreds of different companies making Gi’s these days and each company seems to offer you something new or different as well. The main types of Gi’s are Gold Weave, Pearl Weave, Lightweight or Ultra Lightweight and Competition. If you would like to read more about them and find out which one is best suited for you then click here.

Start with the basics

You will find most gyms offer a few different classes. These range from Beginners or 101 to  Advanced and Competition. Depending on where you train there may even be a few more options. If you have never trained before then I would recommend going to the beginners class, they are there for a reason. You will learn how to perform some basic moves and learn what you can and can’t do. Every class is different but most gyms follow a similar routine.

Most start with a small warm up and then on to pass guard. Pass guard is a pretty standard part of every class. It’s normally just some light training to get you warmed up. You will start with a partner, one will start on their back with the other between his legs, just like in the image below.

If you start on top then it’s your job to “break” your opponent’s legs and then either pass to get side control or get on top in mount. And if you are on the bottom then you will have to sweep your partner. This basically involves turning him over so you have swapped positions and you are now on top and your partner is where you started. After about 5 minutes of this, you will go on to some technique. Your instructor will show you a move that you will practice on your opponent. Depending on the type of class you may learn a few and spend a lot of time getting everything perfect or you will move straight onto rolling.

Rolling is where you practise what you have just learned. You will take your new techniques and try them out for real. And if it’s a competition class or open mat then you might even go straight into rolling without any technique at all but this isn’t recommended for beginners. So you may just want to start with the beginner’s classes so you can spend more time learning moves as you are justing getting into the sport.

Pay Attention

You won’t be rolling every single class. Sometimes there will be too many people on the mat so you have to sit out for a roll. You may find that you get split up into groups. Which allows you to roll with people who are a similar skill level to you. Either way, you will be watching sometimes so take advantage of this time and watch everyone roll. Training with more experienced partners is one of the best ways to get better. You can even still learn from them while you are sat out though. Just watching higher belts will improve your game and you will pick up things that they do and you can try it for yourself.

They might not always admit it but your instructors may keep some of there favourite techniques back from you. If they gave everything out then people will start to defend against them better. If you are watching, however then you might spot something useful.  Which everyone else has missed because they’ve been talking the whole time.

Hopefully, this BJJ guide has been useful to a few of you and shed some light on BJJ. And remember to keep your eyes out for our next guide.

Why Are There Different BJJ Gi’s And What Separates Them

There are several different BJJ Gi’s and hundreds of companies making them these days. And each Brand seems to offer you something new or different as well. The main types of Gi’s you will find on the market are Gold Weave, Pearl Weave, Lightweight or Ultra Lightweight and Competition.

Gold Weave

Gold Weave is just a heavyweight Gi. It is made from the thickest materials and will be the heaviest Gi you can buy. The benefits of a thicker, heavier Gi are that it becomes harder for people to grab you. Mainly the insides of your wrists and your lapel. This can stop people from controlling you or choking you. Here is the Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi, its made with 550-gsm gold spec-weave material, which basically means its stitching is very thick and heavy.

Goorudo 3 Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi in blue

Pearl Weave

The Pearl Weave is a slightly lighter option than the Gold Weave. The main difference is that this Gi allows a better freedom of movement over the Gold Weave. It’s also lighter which means you can move faster. Hayabusa’s Shinju 3 Pearl Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi is made from 500-gsm pearl weave material so you can see the stitching is lighter than the Gold Weave. You can see the Shinju Gi below.

Shinju 3 Pearl Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi in black


The Lightweight Option will be the lightest Gi you can get your hands on. Some companies will refer to this as Ultra Lightweight but they are both the same thing. The Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi is Ultra Lightweight for Ease of Movement and Constructed with a 420-gsm Pearl Weave Cotton so it is significantly lighter than both the Gold and Pearl. If you want to find out more about the new Hayabusa Lightweight Gi then click here.

Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi in green

Competition Gi

And finally a competition Gi gives you the thickness of a Gold Weave Gi to make it harder for your opponent to grab you and the lightness of a Lightweight Gi so you can weight in without being worried about your weight. The Hayabusa Pro Lightweight Gi is constructed with a 350-gsm pearl weave cotton. This means it weighs about the same as the Lightweight Gi but has the Thickness of the Pear Weave. The ultimate Competition Gi.

Hayabusa's Different BJJ Gi's in white

Why we need different BJJ Gi’s

It is good to have several different types of BJJ Gis as it provides variety. It gives people the ability to pick the perfect Gi for themselves and there training. If someone was to be able to move as fast as possible they will need a Lightweight Gi as they are designed for ease of movement. Others may not have the agility to move around the mats fast and instead prefer to go on their backs and a heavyweight may be better for them as its harder for people to grab and control you.
Hopefully, this article has taught you something new and helped you understand more about different BJJ Gi’s. If you like the look of any of the Gi’s you have seen here or want to find out more about them, then click here.

Hayabusa’s New Lightweight Gi Colours Look Unbelievable

We have really outdone ourselves this time with our new lightweight Gi. It is available today and you are going to want to take a look for yourself. In addition to our existing lightweight Gi’s, we thought we would add some more colours and a bit more spice to the range. Meticulous attention to detail guarantees perfection in every aspect of its design. No aspect was overlooked.

New Lightweight Gi Design

Available in three new colours, this ultra Lightweight Gi has been specifically designed for ease of movement without restriction. The jacket is constructed with a 420-gsm Pearl Weave cotton which means that it is as light as possible while still keeping its strength. The pants are made from a cotton-polyester blend of 8oz Ripstop which gives them superior strength and durability. We also decided to add reinforced stress areas throughout the Gi so you can train as hard as you want without having to worry about it ripping. We have added a few patches and some embroidery. Intricately stitched and detailed for both function and style.

Fit & Feel

Made using pearl weave our new lightweight Gi was crafted to deliver a customized fit with unmatched comfort and most of all the durability needed for you to roll every day and push your limits.

new lightweight gi in black and gold


Constructed for the devoted practitioner. This gi delivers what athletes need for the most intense training and competition. Its ultra lightweight nature means you don’t have to worry about weigh-ins, at just over 1.5kgs this Gi won’t be the reason you miss weight. For that reason, its perfect for competitions and its thin nature means its perfect for training in summer as it will keep you from overheating. Ultimate comfort and manoeuvrability was our main aim. So test yourself and let us worry about your Gi.

new lightweight gi in green


First of all, our attention to detail guarantees no aspect of this gi was overlooked. Only the finest kinds of cotton have been used. Intricate stitching and detailing as well as a tailored cut, all ensure this Gi demands the same attention your game does.

new lightweight gi in stone white


The rise to excellence. Being better today than yesterday. These are goals that both Hayabusa and the Jiu-Jitsu practitioner strive to achieve. With hand-crafted designs using only premium materials and state of the art manufacturing. You can expect perfection when you roll in Hayabusa. Available in Black/Gold, Green and Stone White. We only hope you like these Gi’s as much as we do. Click here to see them. And if you need a new rashguard to go with your Gi why not have a look at our Haburi range. Which you can find here.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the newest martial arts around. And still in its infancy when compared to other martial arts. It has come such a long way in a relatively short space of time though and is now one of the most prominent disciplines. Developed by Carlos and Hélio Gracie. It was formed from Kodokan Judo that was taught to the Gracies by students like Takeo Yano, Mitsuyo Maeda and Soshihiro Satake. The brothers eventually created Brazilian jiu-jitsu and it came to be its own martial art. Today I will talk you through getting your BJJ Black belt.

A Brief History

An adaptation of judo and jujutsu, it took the best aspect of both sports and left some of the less effective parts behind and through the experimenting and practising BJJ was born. There are currently 5 belts for students over 16 and 4 for anyone younger. These are White, Yellow, Orange and Green for children and each belt will require four stipes before you can progress to the next level. There has recently been a new colour, grey, added but not all gyms count this.

kids belts

For adults, it goes White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black. Similar to the juvenile system, you will need to get four stripes before you move on to the next belt generally speaking.

What Sets BJJ Apart From Other Arts

The main difference between BJJ and other martial arts is the time it takes to get your black belt. The generally accepted rule in the community is that it takes 10 years to finally get your belt. Which also works well with the theory that 10 years of training or 10000 hours of deliberate practice are needed to become world-class in any field. It is also up to the instructor to decide if a student is ready for a promotion.

White Belt

White belt is where every new Brazilian jiu-jitsu student starts there adventure. This will be there hardest part of your journey as in the beginning you will have no knowledge and you will pretty much be playing defence for the first few months. Once you get a few submissions down, learn a sweep or two and a few more new guys join you will start to get into the hang of things. If you keep training and showing progress then you should aim for a stripe every 6 months but that is completely at your instructor’s discretion.

Time To Blue Belt: 2 Years

Blue Belt

Blue belt is the second rank in BJJ and this is where you will start to have some fun. You will have new people coming through your gm all the time and lots of new guy means lots of fun. You can start to practise those moves that you have just learned during technique and not worry about being smashed every roll from now on. The IBJJF does states that you must remain a blue belt for a minimum of 2 years before moving onto your Purple. This does not mean that it will take you 2 years though. This is more for dedicated students who train multiple times every day. Blue will be the longest part of your journey and you should hope to get a stripe every 9 months. This is normally the state that separates the people doing it for fun and the more serious students.
You also have to be at least 16 years old to receive a blue belt.

Time To Purple Belt: 3.5 Years

Purple Belt

Purple belt is the where you will start to get respect for the rest of your student. You will get white belts asking you for advice and you can start to discuss new moves and techniques with the higher belts. This is where can start to practise all of those crazy moves you have been watching on YouTube and actually pull them off. Once again The IBJJF requires you to train for a minimum of 1.5 years before you can get your brown. And once again unless you live in the gym this probably won’t be for you. You should get you stripes faster at Purple and aim for one every 6-8 months this time.
The IBJJF requires you to be at least 16 years old and before you can get your purple belt.

Time To Brown Belt: 2.5 Years

Brown Belt

Brown belt is where you pretty much start doing whatever you want with white belts. Most beginners will not be able to come close to tapping you so to still get the most out of your fights you can start to put yourself in challenging situations. Let them pass your guard or get mount on you and try to fight your way back. The IBJJF requires you to remain a brown belt for a minimum of 1 year. Anything for 1-2 year is seen as good at this stage though. Brown belt normally requires five years of dedication and a huge chunk of your time, money and determination, but its all worth it.
You will also need to be at least 18 years old.

Time To Black Belt: 1.5 Years

Black Belt

Well, guys, you have finally made it. Your journey is still not complete though. You may finally have the belt you have been lusting after for the past decade but you still have so much more to learn. You are now at the top of the pyramid and for every 10,000 people that start the sport, only one will get the top honour. Not many people in the world have what you have now. You are now in an elite club which compels respect.
The IBJJF requires that a student be at least 19 years old.

After Black Belt

Every promotion to a new degree in the black belt starts from the day you get promoted. The first, second and third degree will be awarded after three years. The fourth, fifth and sixth grades will take 5 years each. The seventh and eighth will take 7 years each and that is then classes as your red and black belt. The ninth degree or red belt as its known can only be applied for after 10 years. There is also a tenth grade which was given only to the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the Gracie brothers: Carlos, Oswaldo, George, Gaston and Helio.

after black belt

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. Hopefully, there will be some more soon which you can have a look at.

Mizuchi 2.0 Shorts And Rashguard

Hayabusa’s Limited Edition Mizuchi 2.0 range has been engineered as a second skin to keep your body dry, comfortable and protected. For that reason, it provides athletes with a precise fit for completely unrestricted movement. This advanced compression which has been designed with Titanium which helps to optimize your body temperature. Supporting circulation and maintain maximum muscle function as a result. It has been engineered with cutting-edge textiles to exceed the requirements of elite athletes. And features Hayabusa’s proprietary CombatTech™ fabric for the toughest of battles

Mizuchi banner


The Mizuchi rashguard is optimised compression which maximises athletic performance. It’s a fully breathable rash with thermoregulating and wicking properties which help to keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter. It will also help keep the sweat off you. Designed with a professional athletic pattern for unmatched fit and comfort and including a silicone waistband to keep the rashguard securely in place and stop it riding up while you are training. We have only used the highest quality stitching and craftsmanship on this rash. We even incorporated Titanium into this rashguard which helps to optimize your body temperature. Above all else, we only hope you like the Mizuchi design as much as we do. And for those who don’t know what it means, why not Google it to find out more about the Japanese Water Dragon.

Mizuchi rash


The Mizuchi 2.0 Shorts are the highest performing competition fight short ever created. These shorts continue to evolve in comfort, quality and fit, with each new series we bring out. Synonymous with performance, the shorts set the professional standard for all others on the market to be measured by. Our best-selling short have been sported by some of the top fighters around the world. And the majority of organizations in MMA, No-Gi Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. The Guardlock2™ inner grip on the waistband guarantees a strong, secure fit and means you won’t have to worry about them falling down while you are training.

Mizuchi shorts

Both of our products have been engineered with cutting-edge textiles to exceed the requirements of elite athletes and features Hayabusa’s exclusive Ti-22™ Titanium coated fibres. These not only sound cool but will also improve your performance because they help regulate your body temperature. Making sure you don’t overheat which in turn maximises muscle function. Unfortunately, we don’t have any Mizuchi compression pants or shorts, for that reason you may want to take a look at our Haburi line. Which you can find here.

Mizuchi top and bottoms


Designed to go anywhere your battles take you, this series exceeds the standards of the world’s most demanding athletes. Synonymous with performance, the Hayabusa Mizuchi line is a representation of uncompromised excellence.

Click here to buy them.

Hexagon Fight Shorts, Perfect For Any Athlete

The newest addition to the Hayabusa Range is the Hexagon shorts. We decided to go in a new direction with these though and instead of making them discipline specific we have designed these to be perfect for any athlete. They are ideal for running, boxing, MMA, crossfire and fighting.

Hexagon Fight Shorts

Hayabusa Hexagon Shorts Features

These shorts have been engineered to push your performance limits, just like you do as an athlete.
They have been designed specifically for ease of movement, you will be without restriction when you put these on and that’s exactly why they are perfect for all sport and every athlete.
The inner grip around the waistband will help to lock them in place and stop them moving or falling down while you are training.
They have been built strong and rugged for the most rigorous training, so don’t worry about getting them messy.

The Hayabusa Experience

They have been build with the most rugged textiles and hardware, an unmatched stretch panel, reinforced seams to stop them falling apart and silicone waistband to keep them in place. This all comes together flawlessly for the ultimate performance short. They can be used for boxing or MMA and are therefore highly regarded as some of the best fight shorts on the market today. They are made of 100% Polyester and the uniquely designed shorts are available in black or grey. Designed for maximum comfort and an unimpeded range of motion. You won’t have any regrets when you buy these shorts. They have been engineered with cutting-edge textiles to exceed the requirements of athletes of all levels. Keep your shorts locked in place with the inner grip waistband guaranteeing a strong, secure fit.

Hexagon Fight Shorts

Why We Made It

They have been designed to go anywhere that your battles take you. They exceed the standards of the world’s most demanding athletes. Synonymous with performance, Hayabusa fight shorts are a representation of uncompromised excellence. So whether you’re striking or grappling, OCR or cross-fit, even lifting or cardio. These beasts will let you do it all. These shorts will also go perfect with our Haburi range, which you can find here. And luckily for you we have just got them back in stock.

Click here to buy

Haburi 2.0 Compression Tops Now Back In Stock

Here at Hayabusa, we wanted to add a rashguard to our range. It had to have all of the attributes of our best gear but with a lower price tag. And that’s exactly what we have done. The Haburi compression line has all of the key features of our best sellers. It comes with a more simplistic design while still making it clear that it is a Hayabusa product.

It provides you with a body forming fit that delivers easy, unrestricted movement. And it has been engineered as a second skin with thermo-regulating tech. This will help to keep you cool and dry, ensuring comfort even under the most strenuous training.

haburi 2.0 compression tops

One of its keys features is the thermo-regulating tech that it has been made out of. This helps to optimise your body temperature. So you don’t overheat in summer and it keeps you warm in winter. Allowing you to maintain maximum muscle function and improved performance.


Providing superior protection. Haburi rashguards are designed to work as a second skin, protecting you against cuts, scrapes, and rashes during combat. The inner silicone banding around the waist will keep you compression locked down. As a result, it won’t ride up as you move to expose you to injury. And the reinforced stitching will ensure unsurpassed durability, so no holes or loose stitching.


The Haburi range comes with an athletic fit which as a result means unmatched fit and comfort. Each Haburi rashguard uses a professional athletic pattern made from a polyester elastane mix for great fit and comfort. This range has been crafted from a fully breathable fabric. The thermoregulating and wicking features will ensure your muscles are engaged and warm while keeping your skin and body dry.


Even though these tops are lightweight they are also very durable and like all of the products we make, we only use the highest quality stitching and craftsmanship. Believe us when we say this rashguard can withstand anything.

haburi 2.0 compression tops


Designed to go anywhere your battles take you. This compression exceeds the standards of the world’s most demanding athletes. Synonymous with performance, the Hayabusa compression line is a representation of uncompromised excellence. You won’t be able to train just wearing our Haburi range though and that’s why our Hexagon shorts are so popualr. You will be able to find them here. And luckily for you we have just got them back in stock.

View Haburi 2.0 Tops

Road to UFC 200 With Cain Velasquez and Frankie Edgar

Newest Team Hayabusa athletes and UFC superstars, Cain Velasquez and Frankie Edgar are on the road to the iconic UFC 200 and training for the fight of their lives.

Cain training for the UFC

2x Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez seeks redemption with a victory over Travis Browne. Hungry to gain his first title contender status back, Velasquez is ready to put on a show this July at 200.

Cain fighting in the UFC

Browne enters the octagon with a submission win over Matt Mitrione back in January after being TKO’d by Andrei Arlovski in 2015. Expect a brawl from these two accomplished heavyweights come fight night in Vegas.

Overlooked for multiple title shots, Frankie Edgar finally gets his due fighting Jose Aldo for the Interim Featherweight title. If victorious, Edgar cements his place as top contender to face the elusive, Conor McGregor for the official featherweight belt. Edgar, on a five fight winning streak; includes a phenomenal first round KO of top fighter, Chad Mendes. His impressive performance gained him the shot to fight on the biggest card since UFC 100.

Frankie fighting in the UFC

Coming in off a brutal one punch loss to McGregor, Jose Aldo returns to make fans forget about the devastating 13 second performance at UFC 194. Just under a month now until the most anticipated UFC event of the year.

Rounding off the stacked main card is Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier, Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt and Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes.

Good luck to Team Hayabusa at UFC 200!

The Official Hayabusa® Glory Fight Glove Launch

The Official Hayabusa Glory Fight Glove launched in a grand fashion during Glory 23 fight week in Las Vegas. The UFC Champ and Kickboxing welterweight Champ, Georges St-Pierre and Nieky Holzken respectively, were testing out the new combat equipment.

Nieky Holzken fighting in Glory

Here’s some footage of the gloves in action with GSP.

The official debut came at Glory 23, live on Spike TV as the world-renowned strikers stepped into the ring sporting the World Class competition gloves for the first time. Hayabusa® Athlete, Nieky Holzken struck his way to victory in the main event with a third-round stoppage over Raymond Daniels. Therefore claiming the Glory Welterweight Championship title once again.

In addition, Hayabusa was there to witness all the action backstage and up close in the ring. See for yourself!

Georges St-Pierre and Nieky Holzken at Glory  event

Official Fight Glove of Glory Kickboxing

With the exclusive fight glove of the world’s premier kickboxing organization, Hayabusa continues to perfect equipment in the combat industry. Delivering the best gloves for the best strikers.

Superior Protection and Comfort

First of all Hayabusa Glory Gloves provide optimum hand and wrist alignment for maximum performance and therefore preventing injury. These gloves are crafted with an inner foam complex which is designed to absorb unwanted energy transfer. Fully protecting your hands on impact.

Customized and Secure Fit

Finally, the traditional lace-up closure ensures your hands and wrists will get a customized, secure fit every time during. The highest quality of glove for the highest levels of training.

Hayabusa Named Official Glory Sponsor

Glory have announced Hayabusa as there new sponsor. Hayabusa will be the Official Glory sponsor and all of there competitors will wear Hayabusa’s new lace gloves during there fights. The ring will also have there Logo on it. This is an exciting moment for Hayabusa and we are proud to be working with such big organisation who we believe have a lot of drive just like ourselves. Hopefully this partnership pays off and we both help each other continue to grow.

Hayabusa named Official Glory Sponsor

New York, NY – GLORY, the world’s premier kickboxing league, today announced Hayabusa as its official in-ring glove, signing a multi-year equipment deal. Beginning on Friday, August 7 with GLORY 23, from The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, all GLORY competitors will be outfitted with Hayabusa’s new World Class Competition Gloves.

Glory 23 Advert

Featuring exclusive technological advancements specific to Hayabusa, the soon-to-be-released gloves were designed to complement the arsenal of GLORY’s top-level strikers.

“The name Hayabusa is well-recognized by the world of combat sports as the ultimate in performance equipment and technical apparel,” said GLORY CEO Jon Franklin, who helped broker the deal.

“Our athletes deserve the very best when it comes to not only their performance and comfort, but their safety, and we feel this deal provides the finest gloves available.”

Hayabusa’s World Class Competition Gloves will be officially revealed to the public for the first time during fight week of GLORY 23 and used in each subsequent event, including the newly announced “Bellator: DYNAMITE” event on Saturday, September 19.

“Hayabusa is extremely proud to be partnering with the most exciting promotion in combat sports today. The high-caliber level of striking that GLORY brings is truly outstanding and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of it,” said Ken Clement, Co-President, Hayabusa.

Stay tuned for more details on the Glory sponsor and Hayabusa partnership.